The Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI) is established by and for businesses across the Islamic world to lead the creation of a reporting framework for Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility (CSR) based on Islamic principles and values. Founded in 2015, the IRI is an independent not-for-profit organization set up to guide businesses worldwide to deliver more effectively on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Foundation for the IRI (Stichting IRI Reporting Standard) is located in the Netherlands.

The IRI consists of two consultative bodies: the IRI Advisory Council and the IRI Stakeholders Council.

The IRI Advisory Council is the top-level advisory body of the IRI, comprised of senior executives representing corporate, NPO, governmental and inter-governmental organizations across all member states. The role of the Advisory Council is to provide high-level strategic input and support towards the effective development and implementation of the IRI goals and objectives.

The IRI Stakeholders Council consists of researchers, policy makers, partners and other stakeholders who provide critical input in the development of a reporting framework that is culturally relevant and effective.

A key partner of the IRI is the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

“The OIC is dedicated to preserving and promoting Islamic values of peace, equality, human dignity, and environmental prosperity. The IRI, in its journey towards making business responsible through the application of CSR and CSR reporting, has many values aligned with our own. The OIC commends the IRI in its efforts in promoting economic, social and environmental prosperity in a manner that is not only impact-oriented and sustainable, but culturally relevant and responsive.”


An initial grant was provided by EMG Group. Founded by Drs Daan Elffers in 2004, EMG is an international award-winning advisory firm for Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility headquartered in the Netherlands. EMG’s Advisory Board is chaired by HH Prince Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau.

Additionally, the IRI is being funded by private donations and sponsorships from organizations and individuals with the same core values as the IRI. After the reporting framework is established, the IRI will be funded through training, registration and certification fees.

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