Saudi advisory firm JIC joins IRI

Jadat Itqan Consulting (JIC), the prominent Saudi advisory firm operating mainly in the areas of CSR, Corporate Governance & Sustainability and strategic partner of EMG Group, has become the latest member of the Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI).

JIC CEO Mahmoud Abdulghaffar: “We fully support the ambitions and great potential of the IRI and look forward to collaborating actively towards its further success. It can become a powerful business tool driven by our heritage that assures transparency, accountability and sustainability. We are confident that, with support from the right partners and stakeholders across the world, the IRI will create an international legacy of corporate sustainability”

Over the past few years, JIC and EMG have worked together on major governmental projects that have facilitated progress towards international sustainability goals and the national vision.

Drs Daan Elffers, CEO of EMG Group and Founder of the Islamic Reporting Initiative, said: “JIC is a solid partner for us in the GCC and their insight and support for the IRI will be invaluable to its further development and growth. We very much look forward to expanding our collaboration with JIC in this new way as we together progress further towards our shared goal of global sustainability.”

With a membership base in more than 30 countries, the IRI is leading the creation of an integrated and impact-oriented reporting framework for CSR based on Islamic principles and values.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said about the IRI: “The OIC is dedicated to preserving and promoting Islamic values of peace, equality, human dignity, and environmental prosperity. The IRI, in its journey towards making business responsible through the application of CSR and CSR reporting, has many values aligned with our own. The OIC commends the IRI in its efforts in promoting economic, social and environmental prosperity in a manner that is not only impact-oriented and sustainable, but culturally relevant and responsive”.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman of the UN Global Compact Foundation and Board Member of Saudi Aramco, said: “Open public reporting is essential if business is to build and maintain societal trust. It is a key part of the commitment to the principles of the UN Global Compact. So I commend the ambitions of the Islamic Reporting Initiative; by seeking to emphasize and build on our shared values for human and environmental prosperity, the IRI will accelerate progression towards the objectives outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals by leveraging business potential.”

The IRI encourages governments, businesses and philanthropists from all over the world to support the IRI in its mission to advance social, economic and environmental prosperity through responsible business.

Image: Members of Jadat Itqan Consulting (JIC) and EMG Group in Jeddah.

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Jadat Itqan Consulting (JIC) and EMG Group in Jeddah
Jadat Itqan Consulting (JIC) and EMG Group in Jeddah
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