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IRI Wins Championship Award ESG Reporting 2023

The Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI) has been awarded the prestigious 3G Championship Award ESG Reporting 2023 by the Global Good Governance (3G) Awards. The announcement took place during the 8th annual 3G Awards Ceremony in Dubai, which acknowledges individuals and organizations for their exceptional contributions in good governance, transparency, and social responsibility.

The 3G Championship Award ESG Reporting is awarded to organizations demonstrating outstanding excellence in reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The IRI was chosen for this award because of its thought leadership in the field of ESG reporting in the Muslim world.

The Awards Committee’s decision was based on rigorous research conducted by Cambridge IFA’s team. The award was presented by Professor Humayon Dar, Chairman of the Global Good Governance Program.

The IRI’s winning submission showcased the organization’s commitment to addressing various ESG issues, such as climate change, human rights, labor practices, and governance. IRI’s reporting framework incorporates Islamic principles, including social justice, fairness, and environmental stewardship, and aligns with international reporting standards.

IRI Chairman Mohamed Amersi stated that “This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability in reporting on ESG issues. As we embark on the launch of the IRI Pilot Program, I would like to take this opportunity to invite companies of all sizes and sectors to take part in the Pilot Program, thereby joining us in our mission to drive sustainability excellence forward on a global scale.”

The Islamic Reporting Initiative is leading the creation of the world’s first reporting standard for corporate sustainability and social responsibility based on Islamic values and principles. The organization is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About the IRI Pilot Program

The IRI Pilot Program is a unique opportunity for selected companies to contribute to the rollout of the IRI Reporting Standard, the world’s first CSR/ESG reporting framework based on Islamic values and principles. Participants will offer feedback on the framework and partner with the IRI to create the first CSR/ESG reports utilizing actual sustainability data for analysis and evaluation. They will also receive shares in the IRI operating company, giving them a stake in the IRI’s mission.

Participants will receive a personalized dashboard displaying their company’s sustainability performance based on the IRI Standard. Partners and Lead Partners will have access to the first element of the IRI’s innovative AI-enabled tool. This example will allow Partners to experience how the tool may allow them to identify areas for improvement and boost sustainability performance. Additionally, the IRI will facilitate a comparison of participants’ sustainability performance with that of their peers.

To find out more about the IRI or apply for the IRI Pilot Program, please visit
Image: Winners of the 2023 Global Good Governance Awards at the awards ceremony in Dubai.