The Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI) is starting the IRI Pilot Program in September/October 2023 and is currently inviting companies from all sectors and regions to join us in this initiative. Our goal is to promote corporate sustainability and social responsibility in the Islamic world by aligning companies’ practices with Islamic values and principles.

By participating in the Pilot Program, your company will be part of a select group of companies facilitating the roll-out of the very first IRI Reporting Standard. Your company will also be entitled to receive shares in the IRI operating company, giving you a stake in our mission. Through the IRI Pilot Program, your company will provide feedback on the framework and work alongside the IRI to create the first CSR/ESG reports using real sustainability data for analysis and evaluation.

As a Participant, you’ll be recognized as a leader in global sustainability and have the opportunity to network and engage with other participants in the IRI Pilot Program, and our broader network including the OIC and UN agencies. You’ll also have the chance to increase your visibility through our growing media network.

The IRI currently offers two levels of participation in the Pilot Program: Member (USD 3,500), and Partner (USD 25,000) – other levels of participation may be considered upon request. Partners will be Launch Partners at an IRI event during the COP28 in Dubai, where they’ll have the opportunity to present their case study as a Partner in the Pilot Program. Most significantly, Partners are granted future use of the IRI Standard at no additional contribution or time limit.


As part of the Pilot Program, all participants will receive an individualized dashboard showing their company’s sustainability performance according to the IRI Standard. Partners will also have the opportunity to use the first element of our innovative new AI-enabled tool for identifying areas of improvement and to increase sustainability performance. Furthermore, the IRI will facilitate a comparison of participants’ sustainability performance with that of their peers.

Join us in the IRI Pilot Program and show your commitment to creating a better future for all!

More information about the IRI Pilot Program

A PPT with more information about the Islamic Reporting Initiative, and participation in the IRI Pilot Program, can be downloaded here: IRI Pilot Program PPT.
To submit your application for the IRI Pilot Program, please complete the IRI Pilot Program Participation Agreement and return it to us by email:

If you would like to participate in another way, or if you would like to speak to one of our representatives, please email us on or use our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.