Financial contributions

Financial contributions are the standard method of donation. However, in kind contributions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Are contributions to the Foundation tax deductible?
Whether contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible will depend on the tax laws of your country. In many countries, contributions to charities, like the IRI Foundation, are tax deductible as a business expense for companies.

If I donate, can I use the IRI logo?
Please see the IRI name and logo policy, which is unrelated to contributions to the Foundation.

How is the Islamic Reporting Initiative Office funded?
The Foundation has been established as a way to source funding from the private sector, including business, foundations and individuals, for events, publications, research and other activities to help raise awareness of the Islamic Reporting Initative, principles and the ways of implementing them.

Do you apply Ethical Fundraising principles?

As a non-profit organization, fundraising enables the IRI Foundation to obtain the necessary income for its activities and operational needs. It is crucial to ensure that funds come from ethical sources and do not compromise the foundation’s independence. Click here for our page on Ethical Fundraising.