Islamic Reporting Initiative is a not-for-profit organization

Funding for the IRI is generated from two sources: Annual memberships – support endowments from organizations and individuals who share the IRI’s values and ambitions for the future, and self-sustaining revenue resulting from training programs, certification, and licensing fees.

A support to the IRI brings widespread benefits. This enables the IRI to continue its development and, in time, to facilitate the implementation of CSR strategies in multiple organizations which, in turn, foster progress in social and environmental dimensions, from education and employment to safeguarding natural resources.

The IRI understands philanthropy and (corporate) social responsibility to be long-lasting investments, with immediate and long-term impacts. These investments, in turn, help build a more educated and prosperous society and a healthy environment, which create flourishing conditions for business.

If you feel you are, or your organization is, in a position to contribute more substantially – for example by contributing financially or in terms of expertise – the IRI invites you to get in touch. Thank you.

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