Case study: Social Investment (Shell, Oman)

Social investment as an objective

Social investment, “SI”, is a meaningful, targeted contribution that a Shell Oman performs voluntarily for the community in which it operates.

It is a way for the local communities and society as a whole to benefit from the presence of the company, which supports their general well-being and welfare.

To Shell, social investment is a means of demonstrating commitment and delivering real outcomes to the host community and local business.

The target groups are identified as individuals, enterprises, national organizations, and local organisations, with projects assessed on the “WHO – WHAT-and- WHY – HOW” principle:

  • WHO: The project must include a range of inclusive stakeholder views, be designed in consultation with the community, include contributions where appropriate, and be based on partnerships and local implementation with NGOs and community groups.
  • WHAT and WHY: The project must conform to existing Shell activities.
  • HOW: The project must have lasting benefits and be self-supporting after set-up; be of benefit to society, the economy and the environment; be regularly monitored and reportable; have leverage for finding additional funding for additional benefits; be able to accelerate the learning curve, and be replicable.
    CSR initiatives

Training for employment
By educating young Omanis and providing them with the skills needed to enhance their employment and self-employment; the company has enabled young Omanis to secure jobs by identifying relevant job opportunities in the marketplace, then working in collaboration with prospective employers to train suitable candidates for the jobs.

Successful trainees are guaranteed a position, once they have completed their training.

Training programmes include: rigging training, machine operators training, metal structure installation, scaffolding training, AutoCAD training, automobile mechanical training, and cashier training.

Training for development
The organization works to empower young Omanis in developing their professional maturity and broadening their range of skills, so they are able to secure the right career.

Programmes are taught by experts and organized by Shell. Individuals from the public and private sectors and NGOs, as well as students of all ages are trained.

In 2012, 3,614 Omanis took part.

Programmes include Outward Bound Oman (challenging outdoor ventures), summer internships, supported PhD and MSc degrees in carbonate geosciences, student career-awareness programmes, and professional training programmes.