Stakeholder engagement is an essential component in both the development of the Islamic Reporting Initiative framework, as well as a vital tool for building support.

Round table discussions

The IRI is currently initiating a series of Round table discussions to gather local and regional business leaders, CSR and sustainability professionals, policy makers and other experts to discuss focus areas and indicators relevant to reporting based on Islamic principles and values.

The objective will be for delegates to share their experience and best practices on reporting and take part in a global discussion on how to accelerate progression towards social, environmental and economic prosperity.

Within a broader discussion of sustainable development, focus areas include corporate philanthropy, social entrepreneurship and impact investment, youth engagement, the role of women in advancing the economy and nationalization of the workforce.

Workshops in collaboration with partners

The IRI is frequently invited to host workshops on CSR and sustainability reporting as a part of events organized by affiliates.

Please contact the IRI for further information on all upcoming events. Members and partners of the IRI are updated regularly by email.

To be a strategic partner in an IRI event, please contact the IRI Secretariat.