The Islamic Reporting Initiative collaborates with thought leading partners in all member countries on topics relevant to the further implementation of corporate sustainability and social responsibility worldwide.

Topics range from best practice in social development programs and environmental stewardship to sustainable finance and transparency, employee engagement and philanthropy.

The IRI regularly provides expert input for third-party publications. Recent features include:

Annual Islamic Finance Development report 2015

Published by ICD-Thomson Reuters, the Annual Islamic Finance Development Report 2015 dedicated a double spread to developments of the IRI. The report examines key statistics and trends across five indicators significant for measuring the development of the US$1.8 trillion Islamic finance industry, and the role of CSR features strongly.

International Organization of Employers (OIE) 2016

Now available in 150 countries, the IRI is included in the EU-funded ‘Sustainability Reporting Handbook for Employer’s Organisations’ published by the OIE.

“As an international employers’ organization, we recognize, celebrate and are stronger for the diversity of our members. As such, we are pleased to include the Islamic Reporting Initiative in the 2016 edition of our international handbook on sustainability reporting.

We commend the IRI for their support in creating a business tool for employers, underlining that CSR is a serious business for all, irrespective of country, religion, culture, tradition and history.”

Linda Kromjong, Secretary-General of the International Organisation of Employers

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