The principles of peace, compassion, tolerance, justice, charity, environmental stewardship and human dignity are not exclusive to any culture, race or religion. They are basic tenets of a civil society. The Vision and Mission of the IRI reflects a desire to bring an inclusive set of values to corporate reporting.

The success of its first year of operations is the result of donations from individual benefactors. Already, the Foundation has received corporate commitments representing a portion of profits. However, the ambitions of the IRI are far greater than the existing funding can support. The IRI needs Patrons and Sponsors to transform a humble initiative into an organization of meaning and impact.

Its activities are focused on five core areas:

Highlights of achievements to-date:

  • IRI Founder provides funding to establish and make the case for an IRI
  • December 2015: Foundation (charity) for the IRI founded in the Netherlands
  • Formation of an Advisory Council
  • Registration of the IRI trademark
  • IRI commended by the Chairman of the UN Global Compact Foundation
  • IRI commended by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
  • IRI Founder meets with universities in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and the UAE
  • IRI speaks at the Global Donors Forum in Istanbul, Turkey
  • IRI features in the 2015 Islamic Finance Development Indicator Report produced by ICD and Thomson Reuters
  • IRI included in the 2016 Sustainability Reporting Handbook for Employers’ Organizations published by the International Organisation of Employers, distributed in more than 150 countries
  • IRI presents its first progress report during the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai, UAE
  • IRI is Keynote Speaker at the Sustainable Business Summit in Istanbul, Turkey
  • IRI participates in the Islamic Finance Leadership Programme at Clare College in Cambridge, UK
  • Membership surpasses 50 countries
  • Inaugural IRI Roundtable Meeting as an official side event on the first day of the UN Climate Change COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco
  • As of 1st December 2016, the Tax Authorities of the Netherlands have granted ANBI status (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) to the IRI Foundation
  • IRI accepted as a member of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network – a Global Initiative for the UN
  • IRI speaks about Impact Investment at the Royal Society of Arts in London

Twelve-month forward activities

• Announcement of the Fundraising
• Appointment of an Interim Director General
• Appointment of Trustees to the Foundation
• Establishment of the Islamic Standards Governing Body
• Appointment of the Framework Council to the ISGB
• Advisory Council discussions
• Finalize initial fundraising
• Meeting of the Framework Council
• Recruitment of Directors of Standards, Education, Operations & Members
• Partnership processes in place with Knowledge Partners including OIC and UN bodies
• Appointment of Directors
• Creation of an Education Framework
• Creation of a framework for the IRI protocol
• Meeting of the Advisory Council Secretariat
• Search for Director General
• Open consultation of Standards Framework
• Production of a Scope of Work for creating the Islamic Standards
• Production of a full Business Plan for operating the IRI