The Advisory Council is the top-level consultative and advisory body of the IRI. Its role is to provide strategic input and support of the effective development and implementation of the IRI goals and objectives. The Council is a space for dialogue and exchange that enables the IRI to gain invaluable insight and practical input from local and regional perspectives on the functional development of the organization. It will consist of several committees of expertise in order to provide the greatest benefit to the IRI.

Advisory Council Member H.E. Dr Taher Shakhshir, Jordan Minister of Environment
Advisory Council Member H.E. Dr Taher Shakhshir, Jordan Minister of Environment

The Advisory Council Secretariat is the leadership group amongst the Advisory Council members who interact most actively with the Standards Body, the Director General and the Office of the Director General in conveying the thoughts and advice of the Advisory Council.

Established in 2015, the first person to be appointed to the Advisory Council was H.E. Dr Taher Shakhshir, the Jordan Minister of Environment:

“The IRI represents an excellent opportunity for the Ministry to contribute to the practical implementation of the nations’ green vision from the bottom-up. The objectives of our plans are wide-reaching, and include building the adaptive capacity of communities and organizations in Jordan to prepare for future challenges. The IRI represents a tool which will encourage and facilitate best practice to achieve this and more.”

The IRI Advisory Council (2022) comprises the following members:

Dr Amat Taap Manshor  CEO, Financial Accreditation Agency

Dr Cyril Widdershoven  Geopolitical and financial analyst MENA

Dr Hala Taweel  President and Founder, University of the Middle East; Board Member, Development Services; Government Relations Consultant, HDT Consulting

Dr Renard Siew  Global Shaper, World Economic Forum

Dr Rubina H Ali Baloch  President, Global Learning Trust

Dr Yacoub Nasereddin  Chairman, Board of Trustees, Middle East University; Chairman, Board of Directors, YAN Group; CEO, Arab Council of Universities Governance (Association of Arab Universities)

Fadi Al-Faqih  CEO, Bank of Khartoum

H.E. Dr Nazira Abdula  Minister of Health, Mozambique

H.E. Dr Taher Shakhshir  Former Minister of Environment, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

H.E. Hakima El Haïté  Delegate Minister in charge of the Environment of Morocco; Host of the UN Climate Change COP22 in Marrakech

Isra Migdad  Researcher and Translator

Lisa Doughten  Officer-in-Charge, Humanitarian Financing & Resource Mobilization Division, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Khalid Alkhudair  CEO Glowork, World Economic Forum Global Shaper & Young Global Leader

Khalid Bomtaia  President, Middle East Quality Association; Chairman, Bahrain Quality Society

Melle B. van der Meulen  Senior Consultant, MHV Consultants

Misbah Sheikh  Chief, Private Partnerships Division, UNRWA

Nael Fayez  Board Member & Former CEO, Injaz Saudi Arabia

Najwa El Haïté  Deputy Mayor of Évry (France) in charge of Culture and the Digital City; Partner, ESL Network

Nil Memişoğlu  UN Coordination Associate, Turkey

Ramlie Kamsari  CEO, Nomura Islamic Asset Management

Raed H Habiss  Global OIC CSR program development advisor

Ramsi Jazmati  Vice President, Instituto Choiseul; Founder, Sednaya Servicios Sanitarios

Rianne ten Veen LLM  Member, Management Team, Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environment Services; Associate Lecturer and Consultant, Open University; Founder, Green Creation

Thoraya Al Awadhi  President, Rotary Club of Dubai; Board Member and Founding President of the UAE Women’s Business Council

Übeyd Ruff  Policy Advisor and Senior Researcher


  1. Provide high-level advisory to the IRI General Management with regards to the further development and implementation of the IRI strategy and mission
  2. Work collaboratively with IRI General Management to ensure the highest standards of good governance and ethics across all IRI activities and procedures
  3. Actively support the IRI in broadening its network, reach and impact worldwide


Membership is by invitation, however the IRI welcomes applications from qualified individuals from all countries. Membership is accepted on a voluntary basis and members act in a personal capacity.

For more information, please contact the IRI Secretariat. E-mails can be sent to info[@]